​The hand made factory 

Welcome to The hand made factory  our shop near Haymarket station , Edinburgh .  Is a magical place , looks like  any other gift shop  upstairs but hides a labyrinth of messy workshops  in the basement.  

We opened our doors in April 2018  and been blessed with wonderful costumers and friends . Beautiful people with creative souls. Despite the website features only the products we make the shop sells also a big range of fair trade gifts and plants  we very much encourage you to come and have a look if you live in the area .



We believe  that  objects made with love bring love and is better to have one thing you love than many taking up space . Good quality , ecological and ethically source  are our tree favourite words.


About Leamne

Born in Cuba to very creative family.

She moved from one country to another  until she made her home in Scotland  living in Dominican Republic , Puerto Rico , Spain , Italy and Sweden  in the process and having the chance to study in different art schools, interacting with beautiful artistic minds from different  cultures . In 2015 she went freelancer  with her first watercolour and collage collection for San Juan, Puerto Rico. Today she works in her yellow workshop 

' the hand made factory'.

​Her work is pure happiness, full of colour and texture, mostly landscapes as she loves to discover new places. 

photograph by Amy Deacon of artist Leamne Arias Deniz .


Edinburgh hand made factory

20 Haymarket terrace

EH12 5JZ


All intellectual property rights in Leamne's designs and in the images, text, and design of this website remain the property of Leamne Arias Deniz.

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